Sailthru, a CM Group brand, helps modern marketers drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn by using its powerful suite of connected capabilities. Sailthru’s high-performance email, website personalization, and mobile marketing automation power new customer acquisition by leveraging machine learning and first-party data to easily deliver relevant, personalized engagement across all channels - now including InkIt direct mail.

This guides you through setting up an Inkit webhook in Sailthru Lifecycle Optimizer, adding direct mail to your omnichannel toolkit and allowing you to create rich journeys reaching your customers in the channels they respond to best.


To set up the Sailthru and Inkit integration, you first need to grab your Inkit API Key as well as the ID of the Inkit mailer template you’d like to send.

Locate Your Inkit Details

Create a Lifecycle Optimizer Webhook

  1. Create or open an existing Lifecycle Optimizer flow
  2. Click the (+) and add a new Action.
  3. In the Edit Action sidebar, select “Send a Webhook”

Configure Your Webhook

  • Click Headers at the bottom of the Edit Action sidebar. From the Headers tab, create a new header called Authorization and add the value from your Inkit dashboard.
  • Fill in your webhook payload based on the custom profile fields you’ve used to store address information.

Create the JSON payload using Sailthru’s zephyr syntax in the webhook payload area.

  • Add any other extra custom fields you’d like in your Inkit template via additional JSON key-value pairs in the webhook payload.

As you can see, promo_code and color are extra fields added into the request body. These fields can be used on your templates to dynamically deliver customized direct mail to your customers.

Save and activate your Inkit + Sailthru flow. Now you're ready to mail!

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