Inkit has partnered with Drip, an ecommerce CRM, to seamlessly send email and direct mail to your users. The Drip webhook can be built as long as you have a pre-existing Inkit account set up. More about the Inkit + Drip partnership can be found here.


Step 1. Log into Drip and open up the Workflows page in the Automation menu.

Step 2. Create a new workflow.

Step 3. Enter a name and click "Create Workflow."

Step 4. Add an action to the workflow.

Step 5. From the drop down select "Send an HTTP post."

Step 6. Go back to the Inkit template section and select "Get Drip Link."

Step 7.

  • In the Endpoint URL field, paste the Drip link from the template you copied above.

  • Content Type select "JSON".
  • Hit "Update Action" - you're done!

TIP: Need additional integration assistance? Please message us in the pop up chat located in the lower right corner of the page.

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