Step 1. Log into HubSpot and open up the Workflows page in the Contacts menu.

Step 2. Create a workflow.

Step 3. Enter a name and click "Create workflow."

Step 4. Add an action to the workflow.

Step 5. In the list, find "Trigger a webhook". 

Step 6. Enable the Hubspot integration in your Inkit application by heading to Account Settings > Integrations.

Step 7. Get the Hubspot credentials for one of your templates on the Templates page. You can do see this information by clicking the "Hubspot" icon next to the specific template you'd like to use.

 Step 8.

  • Select "POST" from the dropdown at the top.
  • Copy the URL underneath "Webhook URL" in the Inkit dialog. Paste this URL into the "Webhook URL" field in Hubspot.
  • Check "Use request signature ".
  • Copy the value underneath "App ID" in the Inkit dialog from step 7. Paste this value into the "App ID" field in Hubspot.
  • Hit "Save" - you're done!

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